Roman style round pizza with Ampia / Versatile flour


Ampia / Versatile flour 1000 g
Water 560 g 56%
Salt 25 g 2,5%
Oil 30 g 3%
Malt 5 g 0,5%
Fresh Yeast 4 g 0,4%

After kneading, the dough must have a temperature of 23°; let it rest for an hour on the counter covered with a nylon cloth. Then cut it into portions of 180g each.
Place the portions in a dough box and let them rise at room temperature for an hour; then put them in the fridge at 4° for 48 hours.
Bake in a gas oven at 320°C (laser thermometer).
In case of shorter leavening times, I suggest using the flours indicated as follows
For 24h, AGILE flour
for same-day doughs, PRIMA flour, using 550g of water per kg of flour

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