Artisanal flours since 1947

Quality, attention, and care during every single step of the production process.
This is how Molini Fagioli flours are made, from the work of people.

Our values


From the selection of the best grains to the processing of raw materials, all the way to grinding. The attention that each person pays to every step of the production process is what makes Molini Fagioli flours special.


The gentle grinding process of Molini Fagioli technologies allows to process the best raw materials with knowledge and attention, respecting the organoleptic qualities of the grain.


100% Italian raw materials, enhancement of the natural vocation of the territory, respect for the environment. This bond with the land is what distinguishes our flours and highlights their qualities.


Quality is not a result; it is an attitude. It involves all of the work areas of the company, from production to relationships with farmers, for a traceable, healthy, and genuine product.

Our goals

Guarantee of traceability

Respect for the environment

Consumer protection

Economic sustainability


We only use energy from certified renewable sources. This is because safety, quality and respect for the standards regulating the agri-food sector are the values that characterize our company's way of doing business.

ISO 22005

Traceability in agri-food chains.


Technical specification for the control of the vegetable supply chain, to ensure the absence (analytical non-detectability) in the agri-food product of plant protection product residues.


For organic products.

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