Classic Panettone



Audace/Massima Flour 2000 g
Water 930 g 46,5%
Sugar 550 g 27,5%
Butter 1200 g 60%
Salt 3,2 g 0,16%
SOLID Mother Yeast 550 g 27,5%
Pasteurized Yolk 550 g 27,5%


Audace/Massima Flour 1400 g
Sugar 480 g 14%
Yolk 580 g 17%
Emulsion 400 g 11,7%
Butter 300 g 8,8%
Salt 43,2 g 1,2%
Candied raisins 960 g 28%
Last candied orange 480 g 14%
Malt 24 g 0,7%
Water qb
The percentages are based on the total weight of the flour

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Put flour and water into the machine and run for a few minutes. Add mother yeast and knead well.
Add sugar a little at a time, letting it mix well before adding more.
Add the salt and egg yolk a little at a time.
Add the butter and finish the dough at a temperature of about 28°.
Let it rise for about 12-15 hours at 28°C with 70% humidity.

Put the first dough and flour into the machine and run for about 15 minutes. However, before that, it is important to leave the first dough at room temperature for a few minutes to let it cool.
Once it is well kneaded, add the sugar a little at a time.
Add the emulsion.
Add the salt and the egg yolk.
Add the butter and complete the dough.
Add the fruit.
Let rise for an hour at 28°C.
Cut the dough according to desired weight and round it into the dedicate molds.
Let rise for 5-6 hours at 30° with 70% humidity.
Bake at 170° for about 55 minutes for the 1kg piece, 45 minutes for the 750g piece.
Knead the dough well after adding an ingredient and before adding another one.

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